Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Genetic Ancestry

Just a short post guys, just something that came to mind randomly.

A re-examining of my family's genetic ancestry has led to some interesting thoughts.

One source for these interesting thoughts are my recollections of Grandpa. He had blue eyes, which might indicate Caucasian ancestry. I also remember him being fond of sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn, crops which originated in Central and South America. Then again, these foods are quite popular in China in modern times, so it doesn't seem so odd for him to have enjoyed these foods.

Was Grandpa really an Amerindian 鬼佬?! Hmm...

My father's ancestry thoroughly intrigues me as well. From first glance, Dad doesn't look to me like a typical "Han" Chinese person at all. I once read a National Geographic article which traced the ancestry of a supposedly "pure" Frenchman, he was shocked to discover African and Asian ancestors from relatively recent times (within the past few thousand years).

I would love to do some proper research, even testing, I'm not sure where to start though. Are there any institutes nearby that trace family ancestry?

Any readers out there who can help, that would be much appreciated!


  1. I don't know of anywhere that does genetic testing, but something like is probably a good starting place for more general, documentary stuff. If you're interested, old boy, I can ask Mum for some more details on that.

  2. I am indeed interested, any advice or help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I would love to discover more about my family's genetic ancestry.