Saturday, February 19, 2011

人生十四最- Life's 14 Greatest

This refers to a little list that has been hanging around Mum's home for all of my life, it ties strongly in with her Buddhist beliefs. However I do believe it has value to anyone, even if they are Non-Buddhist or even Non-religious for that matter. Until my English was at a decent level and when I could also actually read some of the Chinese characters, I really never valued it myself. However nowadays, I find it rather inspiring and thought I'd share it with anyone bothered to read.

And yes, the English translations are below the Chinese characters.

1) 人生最大的敵人是自己

Life's greatest enemy is oneself.

2) 人生最大的失敗是自大

Life's greatest failure is arrogance.

3) 人生最大的欺騙是無知

Life's greatest deception is ignorance.

4) 人生最可哀的是嫉妒

Life's greatest sorrow is envy.

5) 人生最大的錯誤是自棄

Life's greatest error is abandoning oneself.

6) 人生最大的罪過自欺欺人

Life's greatest sin is to deceive oneself.

7) 人生最可憐的性情是自卑

Life's greatest pitiable disposition is self-pity.

8) 人生最可佩服是精進

Life's greatest admiration is the choice to move on.

9) 人生最大的破產是絕望

Life's greatest insolvency is despair.

10) 人生最大的財富是健康

Life's greatest wealth is good health.

11) 人生最大的債服是人情債

Life's greatest liability is a debt of human sympathy.

12) 人生最大的禮物是寬恕

Life's greatest gift is forgiveness

13) 人生最大的缺欠石悲智

Life's greatest imperfection is melancholy wisdom.

14) 人生最大的欣慰是布施

Life's greatest gratification is give to charity.

I hope treasure it as much as I have, this might be made up of simple words (though I still had to look a few up in the dictionary, Chinese that is :-P) but I believe they offer great value and insight.

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  1. Your item 6 should be "Life's greatest sin is to deceive oneself and others" or Chinese should be only "人生最大的罪過是自欺" and no 欺人