Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red, White and Blue (Australia Day post)

Red, White and Blue: Such a common theme for the flags of Mankind. People have embraced vileness and hatred due to these colours. People have embraced and cared for others because of these colours. People have fought and died for these colours. Others have chosen to celebrate and live live to the fullest with the colours in their heart. Who would have though that such three simple colours could have such an effect!

The Taiwanese have 同心同德,贯彻始终, 晴天白日满地红 as a motto. So stoic!

Hmm, I don't know if Aussies really have any motto explicitly tied to the flag though.

I would be lying if I said that I have no opinions on Australia Day and the flag it bears. I guess since no-one really reads this,Ican air my opinions right?

I haven't attended a proper celebration of Australia Day in many years, especially not the ones for the fireworks. I think the fireworks are repetitive, loud and crappy excuse to pollute the air. The firework celebrations also breed awful behaviour, at least the years I went, especially those held near the city and foreshore. The people I encountered were loud, rude, littered everywhere and probably used the day as an excuse to get blind drunk and belligerent.

Perhaps I was swayed by the flag bearing ceremony in Taipei on New Years. It was massive and crowded, but I saw no serious incidents at all. Sincere patriotism was shown, but the crowd was civil and polite. There were foreigners there as well, waving the ROC flag as well, on a cold windy Taipei night, this made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Everytime I left the fireworks, I would feel a little disgusted, especially seeing the incredible amount of rubbish left on the grounds. The only real reason whyIever attended was because I love Dad and I enjoy spending time with him and bonding with him. My mother never wanted to go and my brother (who's much older) always celebrated with his mates. I also had a few minor racial encounters which angered me quite a bit. So I decided a few years ago, that I wouldn't bother going.

Maybe I should just hold a quiet barbeque at home with some family and friends. :-P

As for the flag, what was I going to say? I dislike the design, not for any ideological and nationalistic reasons, I just dislike it aesthetically. I think it's an ugly flag. For those who argue that the Union Jack no longer represents Australia, well Australia is still technically a dominion and Queen Elizabeth the Second is still the Head of State. I think my demand for a change in flag design is kind of selfish on my part :-P So I don't really pursue it seriously. I think for now, the ugly-ass flag will do. However when or if Australia does ever change into a republic, then obviously a new design should seriously be considered.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Whatever your opinions are of your own country and the flag it bears, I hope everyone has a lovely day today, enjoys themselves and keeps the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of man in their hearts especially with what is happening in Queensland and other afflicted places around the globe. I know for some this day has a bad history, but so do a lot of national days I guess around the world, let bygones be bygones and be nice to one another ;-)

Best regards,思捷

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