Monday, August 8, 2011

Weeping for my "Mother"

I sometimes weep for my "Mother"

She never had a decent choice to take.

It was either the constantly-high, drunk, lazy abusive husband or the cunning manipulative rapist.

I guess the constantly-high, drunk, lazy abusive husband eventually fixed up his act and showed that he could change. However he had to be kicked out the door to do so. I don't think he would have changed much had he managed to stick around.

The rapist constantly convinces my "Mother" that he is good to her and that she needs him dearly. Despite what has been done her, she has been brainwashed to believe her rapist's words and indeed has been placed in a vicious cycle of pain with dependency.

I hope that one day, my "Mother" is truly emancipated and can truly experience freedom and happiness.

NOTE: I'm not talking about my real mother. ;-)

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