Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tschann Buddhism and The Schaulinn Monastery. 禪宗和西少林寺- Introduction.

Before I post the prologue, I'd like to give an introduction to my general idea.

The Abbot of the Shaolin Monastery chooses a select bunch of elite monks for an introspective and religious journey west to India. However they get majorly lost and find themselves in a remote corner of Germany, well, the Germanic area of Europe anyway. The monks too far from home and out of resources, accept the hospitality of the locals. In time, they build a monastery resembling that of the one back home on Songshan.

As a sign of gratitude, they accept locals in for Shaolin training. The monks also take it upon themselves to peacefully offer Chan/Zen Buddhism teachings to the locals. Eventually a few become Zen Buddhists, though with their own little interpretations.

Tschann Buddhism and the Schaulinn Monastery was a dream-inspired idea. Basically a thought experiment, where by Chinese language and culture is introduced into Germany somehow and eventually flourishes. It doesn't replace German language and culture, nor does it become dominant. However, it continues to thrive and influence Germany and Europe as a whole up to modern times. Most noticeably in the field of martial arts and religion, due to the sort of Chinese people that enter into Europe.

As for plausibility, screw plausibility! It's just an idea that has been in swirling in my mind for a while now, one which I want to write down in story form. So I hope you all enjoy it and don't take it too seriously.

In terms of precise time periods and locations, I thought that obsessing too much on it would drain my creative juices. So I left those to the reader's imagination and discretion.


Note: Thanks to my German friend, Roger with translation and transliteration help.


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