Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cities and Women :-P

When I occasionally asked my grandmother about her travels, she would often remark, "我什麼地方都去過,我能說最美麗的地方也是最醜的地方" (Translation: I've been around the world and I can surely say that the most beautiful places are also the ugliest)

It took me a while to understand what she meant by this. I had to travel around a little bit and there are indeed many more places on my travel list. However, I have come to the conclusion that grandma's words were true indeed. The dual contradictory nature and combination of beauty and ugliness in many of the world's great cities is probably what contributes to their greatness in the first place.

It got me to thinking about Perth and my feeling's about it. I would have to say that, in general, Perth is nice, clean, quiet and boring. Neither beautiful, nor ugly. Naturally, in my sick twisted mind, I made analogies involving women in regards to my ideal city.

As I told a friend, I like Perth, she's a nice kind lass. However she's sort of that plain chick that I wouldn't mind falling back on and settling down with if nothing else worked out in the future.

Unfortunately I'm attracted to the loud brash but incredibly sexy bitch who fucks my brains out but always stomps me on the nuts as well. She's frantic, she constantly mouths off, makes me feel small, she just doesn't give a rat's ass.

Sometimes she might show that she cares, she kisses, caresses and embraces me tenderly. She even makes me a delicious sandwich occasionally. Then afterwards, she goes back to ball busting me.

From what I've read and seen, such sexy bitches would be NYC, Beijing, Taipei and London.

At the end of the day, I doubt that I could make it work long-term with any of these sexy bitches, they'd probably wear me down. But I'd sure love to try, just to experience the food, culture, history, artchitecture and lifestyle. I'm sure, the nice girl back at home will forgive me for my transgressions and welcome me back. :-P

In saying that, that nice plain girl does have a few of her own problems, which I'll probably discuss later on in another blog entry. In the mean time, I think the blog linked below explores those problems rather interestingly.

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